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4065 pavadinimų, prasidedančių „A“
AACE International Transactions 1528-7106
AACE Journal 1065-6901
AACE Journal 1551-3696
aaiPharma, Inc. SWOT Analysis
A.A. Milne
AANA journal 0094-6354
AAPI Nexus: Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Policy, Practice and Community 1545-0317
AAPPS Bulletin 0218-2203
AAPS Journal 1550-7416
AAPS PharmSci 1522-1059
AAPS PharmSciTech 1530-9932
Aaron Burr
Aaron Rents, Inc. SWOT Analysis
AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice 1550-9850
AASC Quarterly 1045-4330
Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. SWOT Analysis
AAUP Bulletin 0001-026X
AAV Today 0892-9904
ABA banking journal 0194-5947
ABA Bank Marketing 1539-7890
Abacus 0001-3072,1467-6281
ABA journal 0747-0088
Abalone moon. A poetry and arts journal
Abante estudios en direccin de empresas. [electronic resource] : 0717-344X
Abantu - Anthropology Student Journal
a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 0898-9575,2151-7290
Abbey National, PLC SWOT Analysis
ABB, Ltd. SWOT Analysis
Abbott Laboratories SWOT Analysis
ABC Supply SWOT Analysis
Abdelaziz Bouteflika
Abdominal imaging 0942-8925,1432-0509
Abduction from the Seraglio (Mozart) Mini Guide
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud
Abdullah II of Jordan
Abdus Salam
Abel & Cole Case Study: Appealing to Consumers' Ethical & Convenience Needs
Abercrombie & Fitch SWOT Analysis
Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A. SWOT Analysis
Abgenix, Inc. SWOT Analysis
Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg 0025-5858,1865-8784
Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft 0365-7000
Abhandlungen und Vortrage zur Geschichte Ostfrieslands 0724-9772
Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams' Letters of March 31 & May 7, 1776
Abigail Kelley Foster
ABIOMED, Inc. SWOT Analysis
Able Laboratories SWOT Analysis
Able muse. A review of metrical poetry 1528-3798
ABM Industries, Inc. SWOT Analysis
ABN AMRO Holding N.V. SWOT Analysis
ABNF journal 1046-7041
Abolition of Slavery in the Republic of Mexico
Aboriginal & Islander Health Worker Journal 1037-3403
Aboriginal Fishing Rights: Laws, Courts, Politics
Aboriginal Head Start newsletter / Aboriginal Head Start Initiative 1493-3578
Aboriginal planet
Aboriginal policing update 1914-4067
About campus 1086-4822
About the House 1443-3117
Above & Beyond 0843-7815
Abraham de Moivre
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Association. Journal 0898-4212
Abraham Lincoln's House Divided Speech
Abrams et al. v. United States
Abreast in the west
Abrogation of the Platt Amendment, 1934
Absent Fathers?
Absinthe literary review
Absolut Case Study: Retaining Growth in the Competitive US Vodka Market
ABS Power Predictor Report
Abstracta : Linguagem, Mente e Ação 1807-9792
Abstract and applied analysis 1085-3375,1687-0409
Abstract Machine Models for Parallel & Distributed Computing
Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London 0365-0855
Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 0365-5695
Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics 0951-0079
Abu Ayyub al-Masri
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
ABX Air, Inc. SWOT Analysis
ACA 1682-1769,1682-8631,1682-4016,0001-544X
ACA 0001-544X,1682-1769,1682-8631,1682-4016
Academe bulletin of the AAUP. [electronic resource] : 0190-2946
Academia Revista Latinoamerica de Administracion 1012-8255
Academia's Golden Age
Academic Emergency Medicine 1069-6563,1553-2712
Academic leader 8750-7730
Academic leadership 1533-7812
Academic Libraries: 2004
Academic Open Internet Journal 1311-4360
Academic Pathways, Preparation & Performance: A Descriptive Overview of the Transcripts from the High School Graduating Class of 2003-04
Academic Pediatrics 1876-2859
Academic Psychiatry 1042-9670,1545-7230
Academic questions AQ 0895-4852,1936-4709
Academic writing : interdisciplinary perspectives on communication across the curriculum 1552-325X
Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal 1096-3685
Academy of Banking Studies Journal 1939-2230
Academy of Educational Leadership Journal 1095-6328
Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal 1528-2686
Academy of Health Care Management Journal 1559-7628
Academy of Information & Management Sciences Journal 1532-5806
Academy of Management Annals 1941-6520,1941-6067
Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings 0896-7911
Academy of Management executive 1079-5545,0896-3789
Academy of Management executive 0896-3789,1079-5545
Academy of Management journal 0001-4273,1948-0989
Academy of Management learning & education 1537-260X,1944-9585
Academy of Management perspectives 1558-9080,1943-4529
Academy of Management Proceedings
Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668) 0065-0668
Academy of Management Proceedings & Membership Directory 1543-8643
Academy of Management review 0363-7425,1930-3807
Academy of Marketing Science. Journal 0092-0703,1552-7824
Academy of Marketing Studies Journal 1528-2678
Academy of Political Science. Proceedings 0065-0684
Academy of Strategic Management Journal 1939-6104
Academy proceedings in engineering sciences 0256-2499
ACCC Update (Melbourne, Australia) 1443-0681
Accelerating the Learning of All Students
Accenture SWOT Analysis
Accept My Kid, Please!: A Dad's Descent into College Application Hell
Access Control Systems in Canada: A Strategic Reference, 2003
Accessible news 1495-2912
Access info : bulletin of the Council on Access to Information for Print-Disabled Canadians 1499-3317
Access Oncology SWOT Analysis
Access to health care services in Canada 1710-8381
Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, annual report [Public Safety Canada]
Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, annual report [Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada] 1910-538X
Access to Supplemental Educational Services in the Central Region States
Access to Treatment in the Private Sector Workplace
Access West 1495-6543
Accidental Manager
Accidental Salesperson
Accident Insurance in Taiwan: A Strategic Reference, 2001
Acciones e Investigaciones Sociales 1132-192X
Acción Pedagógica 1315-401X
Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary
Accountability in research 0898-9621,1545-5815
Accountable government : a guide for ministers 1717-7596
Accountancy 0001-4664
Accountancy age 0001-4672
Accountancy Industry Profile: Asia-Pacific
Accountancy Industry Profile: Belgium
Accountancy Industry Profile: Canada
Accountancy Industry Profile: China
Accountancy Industry Profile: Europe
Accountancy Industry Profile: France
Accountancy Industry Profile: Germany
Accountancy Industry Profile: Global
Accountancy Industry Profile: Italy
Accountancy Industry Profile: Japan
Accountancy Industry Profile: Spain
Accountancy Industry Profile: the Netherlands
Accountancy Industry Profile: United Kingdom
Accountancy Industry Profile: United States
Accountancy Ireland 0332-3145,0001-4699
Accounting and business research 0001-4788
Accounting & finance 0810-5391,1467-629X
Accounting & Management Information Systems / Contabilitate si Informatica de Gestiune 1583-4387
Accounting and the public interest 1530-9320
Accounting, auditing, & accountability 0951-3574
Accounting, business & financial history 0958-5206,1466-4275
Accounting Demystified
Accounting education 0963-9284,1468-4489
Accounting education a journal of theory, practice and research 1085-4622
Accounting education news 0882-956X
Accounting for Economic Development & Social Change
Accounting Forum (Elsevier) 0155-9982,1467-6303
Accounting Historians Journal, The 0148-4184
Accounting History 1032-3732,1749-3374
Accounting horizons 0888-7993,1558-7975
Accounting in Europe 1744-9480,1744-9499
Accounting Perspectives 1911-382X,1911-3838
Accounting Research Journal 1030-9616
Accounting review 0400-3802,0001-4826,1558-7967
Accounting services 1916-9892
Accounting technology 1068-6452
Accounting today 1044-5714
Accreditation and Quality Assurance: Journal for Quality, Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement 0949-1775,1432-0517
Accredo Health, Inc. SWOT Analysis
AC Drives Industry Profile: Asia-Pacific
AC Drives Industry Profile: Europe
AC Drives Industry Profile: France
AC Drives Industry Profile: Germany
AC Drives Industry Profile: Global
AC Drives Industry Profile: Japan
AC Drives Industry Profile: United Kingdom
AC Drives Industry Profile: United States
ACE : Architecture, City and Environment 1886-4805
ACE Bulletin 0266-6278
ACEC review 0008-3267
ACE, Ltd. SWOT Analysis
Acer Inc SWOT Analysis
Acerinox SA SWOT Analysis
ACES bulletin 0360-5930
Acheson's Address on Strategy of Freedom
Achievement Testing in U.S. Elementary & Secondary Schools
Achieving Business Excellence Quality & Performance Improvement
Achmed Sukarno
ACHPER Australia Healthy Lifestyles Journal 1445-8918